a memory

in the forest

waiting patiently beneath 

the whispers of leaves

to be touched anew

with a soft gaze

of love

Just a forest elf (ey/em/eir) on a quest to heal and further contemplate elf-making, community building, and environmental care. Conceptually, structurally and poetically the elf is transforming into a fountain, as the healing process fosters a somatic auto-referential energetic loop, flowing in and out of the soma. Yet, the energetic flux becomes tangible to others through the process of metaphorical and literal rewriting. Since the elf creates a myth for emself to live by, ey feels called to recreate the myth for the visitors within the context of exhibition, occupying a liminal space between the inner and outer realms.

The work highlights the importance of healing, regeneration, and renewal, which bring about profound shifts in the perception of reality, encouraging us to slow down, relax in the present moment, and celebrate life that unveils itself on a journey through the enchanted forest.



Adrift, A Shift

June 29th - July 6th

Willem Twee Kunstruimte
Boschdijkstraat 100, 5211 VD 's-Hertogenbosch